Your HVAC Filter Is Important For Efficiency

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HVAC Filters

Every air conditioning system requires a filter upstream from the evaporator coil. Filters can be located in the return grille or in special slots in the duct system. These filters remove particles from the return air stream and keep the air conditioning system clean.

As the filter does its job, it gets loaded with more and more particles. This actually has the effect of making it more efficient, but it also increases resistance and reduces air flow. When this happens, it is time to change the filter. How long this will take to happen depends on the amount of dirt in the air and the size of the filter. HVAC filters should typically be replaced every 3 months to maintain optimum performance.

If you don’t change the filter, air flow will decrease and the air conditioning system will use more energy. When the filter becomes too dirty, it becomes a source of indoor air pollution itself.

Removing the filter completely will solve the low air flow problem, but this victory would be short-lived. The particles that the filter would have removed will now build up on your evaporator coil and eventually cause your compressor to fail. A new filter is a much cheaper solution. When you do buy a new filter, Klaus & Sons recommends getting one with a "Minimum Efficiency Rating Value" of MERV 6 or higher.

Routine maintenance such as changing filters can be handled by most homeowners, but other maintenance and repairs require professional inspection and technical service.


It’s a good idea to brush dirt and obstructions from the coils and the drains at the start of each cooling season. Depending on the system this may require a professional service call. Call Klaus & Sons at 909-982-5698 to schedule an appointment with our highly-trained, licensed technicians.

If your system is not producing as much cold air as usual, this could also be an indication of a refrigerant charge or airflow problem. These problems are often the cause of high electric bills.

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