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Seismic Shutoff Valves For Homes & Businesses

For expert service to install, repair or check your home's earthquake shutoff valve, turn to the professional team at Klaus & Sons in Montclair, CA. Earthquakes are a reality in Southern California and gas valves that are damaged during a quake can be dangerous. Gas line fires are a major concern after a powerful earthquake, which is why the knowledgeable technicians at Klaus & Sons will keep your home safe with our earthquake shutoff valve services.

How Does An Earthquake Emergency Shutoff Valve Work?

Earthquake valves are an important part of your plumbing system. These valves are designed to shut off gas flow in the event of an earthquake. This helps prevent fires and explosions.

Earthquake valves have an automatic sensor that cuts all gas flow into your home or business when triggered. Similar sensors can control water valves as well. These valves provide a level of safety during an earthquake and can avoid costly damage and dangerous conditions when dealing with gas. 

If you live in an area that is prone to earthquakes like we do, it is important to have an earthquake gas shutoff valve installed. This can save your life and property in the event of an earthquake. Many local building codes now require these valves be installed in new construction.

How much does it cost to install a seismic gas valve?

On average, the installation cost for a seismic gas shut-off valve can range from $300 to $700 or more. This valve is designed to automatically shut off the gas supply during an earthquake, enhancing safety. It's recommended to consult local HVAC professionals for accurate pricing tailored to your specific situation and location.

Are earthquake valves required in California?

Yes, earthquake valves, also known as seismic gas shut-off valves, are required in many parts of California. In areas prone to seismic activity, like California, local building codes often mandate the installation of these valves to enhance safety by automatically shutting off the gas supply during earthquakes. These valves help prevent gas leaks and potential fires, safeguarding both property and lives. Compliance with local building codes and regulations is essential, and it's advisable to consult local authorities or HVAC professionals to ensure proper installation and adherence to requirements.

How do you reset an earthquake valve?

Resetting a seismic gas shut-off valve involves a careful process to ensure safety. First, assess the area for gas leaks or odors, evacuating if necessary. Inspect the valve to verify it's in the closed position due to seismic activity. Some valves have reset buttons; if present, press them according to the manufacturer's instructions. Then, cautiously turn on a gas appliance to test gas flow restoration. If uncertain or encountering issues, consult a licensed professional. Safety is paramount, so always prioritize caution and expert assistance for the proper operation of gas-related equipment.

Safe Gas Line Usage With Our Services

While it’s possible to manually shut off your natural gas, the following specialized valves are available that can automatically shut off your service in case of an emergency:

  • Earthquake Natural Gas Shutoff Valve (also known as a seismic natural gas shut-off valve) - This device automatically shuts off your natural gas service when an earthquake of a sufficient magnitude occurs at your home.
  • Excess Flow Valve - This device automatically shuts off your natural gas service when a significant natural gas leak or overpressure surge occurs at a pipe or appliance located beyond the point where the valve is installed. 

Certified Plumber Services For Your Gas Line

You always want to get a certified plumber to work on your home's gas line to ensure ultimate safety and security. The team at Klaus & Sons is certified, trained and experienced at working on gas lines throughout the Upland area. Call us today at 909-982-5698 to learn more or to schedule service!

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