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Broken Garbage Disposal Plumber For Homes & Businesses

A broken garbage disposal system can shut your Montclair home kitchen or restaurant down cold. Fixing or replacing a garbage disposal can be difficult if you don’t have the proper tools or experience. The certified technicians at Klaus & Sons can repair your current unit or install a brand new disposal in less time than you might think. Call our professional plumbers today for a free estimate!

Garbage Disposal Repair

Reasons Why Your Garbage Disposal Is Not Working

Overloaded - Too much food can cause your garbage disposal to jam. Disposals are designed to grind food waste into small pieces that can easily be flushed down the drain. When there is too much food for the blades to chop, the motor can overheat and cause the unit to shut down.

Rotten Food - If you leave food in your garbage disposal for too long, it will start to rot. This can cause a nasty smell and attract bugs. It can also cause your disposal to jam.

Grease & Oil - Pouring grease or oil down the drain can cause your garbage disposal to clog. These liquids harden when they cool and can create a build-up that will eventually block the blades from spinning.

Hard Objects - Disposals are designed to grind up small pieces of food waste. Hard objects, like chicken bones or fruit pits, can damage the blades and cause your disposal to break down.

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Our certified plumbers can service every major brand of garbage disposal. Call us today for Klaus & Sons’ expert garbage disposal repair and installation services at 909-982-5698 !

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