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Emergency Plumber Services Near Upland & Montclair

Whether you’re in Upland or Glendora or anywhere in between, you can rely on the 24-hour plumbing emergency service from Klaus & Sons.

We’ve been taking care of local residents and businesses since 1973, and you can trust our emergency services to get you back on track quickly. We won’t have trouble finding your location! Plumbing issues can happen at the most inconvenient times, our staff is ready to send out a trained specialist to handle your problem night or day.

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Emergency Plumber FAQs

How can I avoid a plumbing emergency?

To prevent plumbing emergencies, implement regular maintenance routines. Inspect plumbing fixtures, such as faucets, toilets, and pipes, for leaks or signs of wear. Schedule professional inspections annually to detect potential issues early. Avoid putting grease, hair, or other debris down drains, and use drain screens to catch solids. Winterize pipes in colder climates to prevent freezing and bursting. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the location of shut-off valves and know how to use them in case of emergencies.

What constitutes an emergency when it comes to my plumbing?

A plumbing emergency often refers to conditions that pose an immediate hazard to property, health, or safety. Burst pipes, sewage backups, significant leaks that cause flooding, gas leaks, and a complete loss of water supply are all common occurrences in an emergency. A plumbing emergency is defined as any situation that requires immediate treatment to avoid significant damage, health risks, or disruption of important services. It is critical to respond to these problems quickly by turning off the water supply and contacting a certified plumber for immediate assistance.

What is the first thing I should do in a plumbing emergency?

In a plumbing emergency, the first step is to immediately shut off the water supply to prevent further damage. Locate the main shut-off valve, usually found near the water meter or where the main water line enters your home. Turn the valve clockwise to shut off the water flow. If the issue involves a specific fixture, like a toilet or sink, use its shut-off valve. Once the water is off, assess the situation and contact a licensed plumber for assistance.

Are there any temporary solutions for a leaking pipe or faucet during a plumbing emergency?

During a plumbing emergency with a leaking pipe or faucet, there are temporary solutions to mitigate damage:

  1. For a leaking pipe: Apply a pipe repair clamp or wrap rubber tape tightly around the leak.
  2. Use epoxy putty or pipe repair tape to seal small cracks or holes temporarily.
  3. For a leaking faucet: Turn off the faucet's water supply valve.
  4. Use a pipe wrench or adjustable wrench to tighten loose connections.
  5. Place a bucket under the leak to collect dripping water until repairs can be made.
How much does emergency plumbing typically cost?

The cost of emergency plumbing can vary widely depending on the nature and severity of the issue, the time of day, and geographic location. Generally, you can expect to pay a premium for services rendered outside of normal business hours, including nights, weekends, and holidays. Basic emergency repairs might start around $100 to $350, but more complex issues like severe leaks or burst pipes can quickly escalate to $1,000 or more. Always confirm the rates with your plumber before proceeding with emergency repairs.

What should I do if my toilet is overflowing?

If your toilet is overflowing, act quickly to prevent water damage. First, turn off the water supply valve located behind the toilet. If you can't find it, remove the tank lid and lift the float to stop water flow. Use towels or a mop to contain the spill. If the clog isn't severe, try plunging the toilet. If unsuccessful, avoid using other fixtures and call an emergency plumber to address the blockage and prevent further issues.

Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

Sewer Backup - Sewer line clogs seem to always happen at the worst time! Sewer backups are caused by blockage or debris in the sewer line. We can snake a sewer line 24 hours a day in your home, office or restaurant to free your clogged main sewer line. Our service trucks are always ready to help you unclog a backup and get back to normal.

Pipe Leak - Pipe leaks can come in all shapes and sizes. Annoying drips to gushing breaks can cause major damage to your home or business and can be expensive to repair. Slow leaks can also increase a water bill dramatically. The best way to solve a leak is to call Klaus & Sons for routine maintenance, but we can also help you during those emergency situations.

Gas Leak - Gas leaks in your home or business can be extremely dangerous. While it’s always important is cut off the gas immediately, most gas leaks will require a qualified plumber to make the repair. We ensure that your family or business is safe and gas leaks are taken care of by a licensed professional.

Broken Faucet - Faucets are high-use items and can be vulnerable to a major malfunction. Broken faucets can create larger problems and water damage and should therefore be looked at quickly.

Clogged Toilet - Homeowners and businesses are used to taking care of the occasional clogged toilet but sometimes the problem can’t be solved without a professional. Give us a call and we can fix a clogged or broken toilet to help you avoid the serious inconvenience that a clog can create.

Broken Water Heater - Pilot lights may go out and water heaters may begin to leak. When you have a serious problem we can repair or quickly replace your water heater with an efficient unit.

Fast & Professional Plumbing Service Near You

We get it. Plumbing issues are never a good thing and always need to be handled immediately. When you work with Klaus & Sons, you are working with Montclair's top plumbing company. We've been around since 1973, helping homeowners and businesses like you. Contact us now at 909-982-5698 for fast, reliable service from expert plumbers! 

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